When making my graduation movie in MoPA, I worked on the scenario, story board, and 2D animatic along with my team mates (especially Coralie Soudet for the scenario and Marion Duvert and Coralie for the animatic)
But for the story board and animatic part, they ended up switching to other tasks and for most of the year I worked a lot on them, trying to adjust the poses, the timing, etc. My team mates were always involved of course, and never would a shot be sent to the next step without their approval.
In our early work on the story board, we also decided to have very few camera angles, and to keep it very frontal or profile view. We made this choice in order to get some 2D cartoon feel. We kept the few camera angles and camera movements for special occasions, and made sure the sense of progression of our characters was always left to right, except at the end of the movie when it reaches its resolution.

I made nearly all the sketches of the story board. Then, either my team mates or me would use these drafts as a base to make a cleaner story board drawing on Flash. When I became the only person working on the animatic, I reused BGs and characters already drawn by my team mates, but out of respect for their work I will only show a few things that I drew alone.

Here is a video of 2 scenes from the movie, with a juxtaposition of the 2D and 3D animatic. 

JUBILE: Extrait d'animatique / Animatic part from Agathe Marmion on Vimeo.

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