mardi 7 juin 2016


Let's hope it doesn't become an habit for me to publish on this blog only once a year. 

This year has been full of experiences. I had an internship at Studio Soi during the summer, where I had the opportunity to work on their next 3D animated series, but of course I can't show anything yet. (But trust me, it was great!)
It was also my graduation year at MoPA / Supinfocom. I made a movie with my team mates (Coralie Soudet, Marion Duvert, Charlotte Piogé and Marie El Kadiri), which led me to work on the scenario, story board, 2D animatic, 3D animation, and on some FX done in 2D on Flash. I also helped a bit on the compositing.

Now I'm about to go to my graduation jury, and then off to the Annecy Film Festival! Maybe I can revive this blog a little bit when I come back, or at least pretend this is serious... 

AgatheMarmion_DemoReel_2016 from Agathe Marmion on Vimeo.

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